“a 3d printer with design..” Unique One by designer Ivan Zhurba.

“A 3D Printer with Design..”

A beautiful Combination of Form & Function. Designer Ivan Zhurba gives a whole new direction to 3D Printers.

In the past few months we have come across several design projects based on 3d printing as their method of production. From footwear to Furniture & even Automotive concepts, designers & design students are working on projects totally relying on this technology. Some exist as ideas, concepts & some are just steps away from being actual Products.

but today we aren’t here to talk about the Product but the Tool itself, the 3D Printer.

Designer Ivan Zhurba along with Alexander Mustafaiev, who worked on the mechanics of the printer, have ‘Designed’ a 3D Printer which honestly doesn’t look like one !

The printer, this idea could very easily be the future of the printers or simply a turning point for the 3D Printers & how and what they are thought of. And even though UniqueOne is currently in the Pre-Production phase but it won’t be long when we could actually buy one.

designdaily.. talks to designer Ivan Zhurba.

-Ivan, Can you please explain the design to us ?

“The main idea was to make the first ‘3D printer with Design’. I had an objective to design a 3D Printer which will organically fit into the interior and cease to be a geek tool. Thats why I have designed the closed body and the user friendly light indicators that simply explain the status of your printing at the moment using the (designed) led lights on the sides of printer. The facades of printer are customizable so when you are making an order you can choose the One from the 20 designs, that will go perfectly with the interiors.”

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-Why design a 3D Printer ?

“None of them have a ‘good design’. They look like tools and I was trying to create & develop a form that will hide its main purpose and yet, show its best side i.e the Design. I think this product is a really good example of Design meets Technology‘.”

-What was the inspiration behind this project & design ?

Custom design, this product feels like a decorative piece and not a 3D printing tool. Inspiration comes from a lot of interior designs.”

-What are you trying to achieve with this project ? what was the one thing that you focused on the most when you started on this project or during the whole creation process ?

“Custom, Safety for kids, Non geek & User friendly, I think these words explain the achievement very clearly.”

 -What are the materials, components & substances used in the production of the different parts of the printer ?

“We decided to use a 3D interface in the UniqueOne, so it was very challenging to insert this technology into the printer. So I was focused on how it will fit the Cylindrical form and I was making a lot of prototypes to see how does 3d interface works and how the user can communicate with it. The idea was to make a 3D interface on top of the printer, so it is always visible from any corner of room. Led lights on the sides act as the process indicators. Green – means printing is going well & Red – means there is a problem, so it is very simple & easy to understand. The 3d interface shows you & tells you what the problem is and how you can resolve it. The 3d interface gives it a bit ‘futuristic’ look & feel.”


“All mechanical parts were done with Aviation Aluminum 7075, which is pretty light and keeps the delta construction of printer stable & sturdy. All exterior parts for the prototype were created by the process of vacuum forming, But the first prototype of exterior facade was printed on the same printer only ! So i was testing 3D printer while it was printing the details for itself.”

-What affect would the UniqueOne have on the life of the user ?

” It will definitely make the whole process much easier, the goal was to make it user friendly. Very simple ! & because of a closed body you cannot see what is printing at the moment, its absolutely nontrivial, the idea was to make printing look, feel & seem like Magic. You simply Selected a design, after printing, the front (slides up) door opens and you have your product, All ready to use.”

-How is this Printer different than the other 3D Printers that we see today ?

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“It has probably the biggest build volume i.e 300mm x 300mm x 300mm. 3D interface makes it easy to understand whats going on at the moment. First 3D printer with a 3D interface sounds cool ! (hahaha 😀 ). Fully closed body makes it safe for kids while printing. Smart cartridge system with built in RFID chip lets you know the status of your filament inside the printer and the custom design suits every interior.”

-Ivan, Can you please explain how the printer works ?

“It is operated directly from the app on your phone via Wi-Fi. You can select verified products & designs from our marketplace, then g.code streams directly to your 3D printer. You can not download the file, direct streaming of g.code is safe & mostly for designer of this product or the design because then he or she can be sure that no one would steal it, or buy it and then share it with everyone.

We have pay per print model, you pay for every print and that’s why all designers love this idea, they are getting paid for each printed product. It is as same like going to real market, where you pay for whatever it is that you are buying.”

-Is this still in the project & the design still in the prototype phase ? & are you thinking of making an Actual Product ?

“At the moment it is in the prototype phase & We are working on the pre-production model. In half a year we are hoping to make a mass production model, so it will be available and you can actually buy one.”

-Did you redesign & develop a new Printer for this project ? cause the shape is quite different from the printers that we see.

“We have used delta shape, its not new but it is the best for FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) printing ’cause it can be much faster than the Decart FDM printer and the delta construction suits well for cylindrical exterior.”

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-How would you describe the design in a Single word ?

UniqueOne, the name says it all.”


The Production process.

Ivan Zhurba.

“I am an Industrial designer from Kiev, Ukraine. A Master’s degree in Architecture really helps in Inventing and Creating new designs from an architect’s point of view. 3 years as an Architect, CG Generalist in an Ukrainian interior design studio was a long road to completely get into the industrial design. Background in CG gives an amazing ability to produce photo realistic renders of future products to show to users before they go into production.” – Ivan.

Ivan has now moved to the United States to work on 3D Printer design and personal Industrial design consultation.

You can find more of designer Ivan Zhurba‘s work on his online portfolio on Behance : (Here)




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