A Biophilic Feet Experience.

BIOPHILIC FEET EXPERIENCE project by Laura van de Wijdeven.

Narrated by Laura herself.

‘Biophilic’ – An innate love for the Natural world, supposed to be felt universally by man-kind.

This project started with a research on ‘future senses’. We are living in a digital world, where we are changing the way we use our senses. I was fascinated by the sense of touch and the impact it has on how we can feel.


Project Biophilic Materials.

By doing an experiment by focusing long time on the tactile sense during the day, I noticed my attention went to my feet. This is not surprising; as our feet contain thousands of nerve endings. With this in mind, I started doing research on walking barefoot. I explored that this can be a very good way to release stress.


Stress is a growing problem in today’s society. With this project I wanted to raise awareness and show the alternative opportunities to prevent stress. In this “anti-stress” floor I combined several techniques to get more relaxed. Our feet are super sensitive because of thousands of nerve endings. That’s the reason why walking barefoot provides benefits, especially when walking barefoot outside. It stimulates the senses, makes you focused and gets your thoughts in the present.


Because walking barefooted outside isn’t always an option, I wanted to take this experience into your own home. I designed tiles made out of porcelain plaster and wool. The shapes in the tiles are inspired by smooth stones, the contrasts between those materials is important for a surprising effect. A second reason for choosing those materials is because pure natural materials have a positive impact on people. Association with nature helps the mind relax, according to Biophilic Design.

Project Biophilic Materials.

The materials used in the Project are Porcelain plaster and Gotland woolBy combining those two materials, the porcelain plaster gets much stronger.




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