“A Design for a better life”. The FINGERS PROSTHESIS project by designer Nikita Replyanski. (+ Interview)

Russian designer Nikita Replyanski has created a design for 3D printed Prosthesis for people that have palms but have no fingers.

The FINGER PROSTHESIS, as it is called, is inspired & highly influenced by Fashion & Sports. The Team worked hard to make FINGER PROSTHESIS look & function better than the prosthetics that we see today.

I want our prosthesis to look like something you have bought from a Sports or Fashion Store and not from the hospital.” – Nikita Replyanski.

The Prosthesis is designed & created for both Children & Adults, but since most of the users are Children, a lot of importance in a child’s FINGERS PROSTHESIS has been given to the ‘Looks’ & has been tried to make it look like something a child can enjoy ! A Toy. Probably, like IronMan’s Repulsor Beam Blaster ! Possibilities are Endless.

We talk to designer Nikita Replyanski about the FINGERS PROSTHESIS.

Hi Nikita, can you please tell us about the Design of your project FINGERS PROSTHESIS ?

A year ago, I met a small crew of people working on the prosthetic project. They were from 3D printing online service and an engineering company. The first idea was to create a cool personal project using 3D printing. After a small research they found some open source prosthetic projects and it was the starting point.

When we met each other, we decided to go further and create our vision of prosthesis using modern technologies and created Motorica company. We understood that situation in Russia with the active prosthesis is really bad. People began to write emails to us and wanted us to create prosthesis for them or their children. So, we began developing the concept of the Express Prosthesis using the 3D Scanning, 3D Printing and Parametric modelling.

Official website: Motorica.org

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What was the inspiration behind the FINGERS PROSTHESIS ?

The main inspiration for me for this project is fashion and sports. I want our prosthesis to look like something you have bought from a Sports or Fashion Store and not from the hospital.”

I was looking through many sport fashion designs keeping in mind our technologies and the idea of fast editing 3d models for every client. I was searching for a right expression and user experience in my concepts. Now we are developing the parametric modelling methods and patterns that will give us an ability to create a unique prosthesis very fast. We are also trying more new materials in the production.”

So the final look will be a little different but you can see the main ideas and what we are planning to achieve. For example we added a slider panel and creating different changeable parts like a mobile holder.”

FINGERS PROSTHESIS Project by Nikita Replyanski.
FINGERS PROSTHESIS Project by Nikita Replyanski.

What are you trying to achieve with this Design ?

Most of our users are children. We think that every child must have fun and be happy no matter how many fingers he has and we really work on it. We are creating additional parts for our prosthesis specially for children. The parts can be a space blaster or a dragon paw, a sword maybe. Children must think about our prosthesis like a Toy. We want them to feel like space heroes, ancient warriors or like princesses but never like a patient.

For Adults we are pushing the idea of fashion accessory and working more and more on balancing the Cost, Quality and the Final Look. And we are also giving an oppurtunity of having their own unique designs. People are different but in the end all of us just want to be happy. So we are trying to make a little part of the world better.

The FINGERS PROSTHESIS looks Fantastic ! So, was any special attention given to the Looks & Styling ?

Sure. Nice to hear it ! I wanted to create something that will impress people from the first look. As you understand that this kind of prosthesis is really noticeable so the first idea was to make it look like a cool gadget. I was very happy to read some comments like “I want to have one!” or “It looks better than my hands”, it is the main idea behind our project.

The other way is to create something unnoticeable and it’s more difficult in this case but we are working on it.

How is the FINGERS PROSTHESIS different compared to the Prosthetics we see today ?

We work a lot to create a Balance between the Cost, Visual Style and Quality. We only use the best 3D printing technology & equipment and also try some other manufacturing technologies, automate as more parts of the production as we can keeping in mind that every client will have different sizes etc.

User Experience also plays a big part in our projects. We have about 5 people that are already testing our prototypes and their feedbacks are more Valuable than my design ideas.

FINGERS PROSTHESIS Project by Nikita Replyanski.
FINGERS PROSTHESIS Project by Nikita Replyanski.

The Prostheses that we see today, help people regain their Function but Not that much, so would your FINGERS PROSTHESIS be able to change that ? & Can it increase Functionality ?

The main point here is to understanding the functions that are needed the most and making them as good as possible. It’s all about the research. Do you know that more than the half of people without a hand choose basic hook prosthesis after they try bionic robotic hands ?

It is very interesting, isn’t it? In the real life they are more able with a hook than with a cool robotic hand with a lot of functions.

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Can you please tell us about the Structure & How it works?

This kind of prosthesis is made for people who have a palm but have no fingers. This particular i.e the Fingers Prosthesis concept is for people without all fingers. But we also have clients with one or two fingers and We can definitely change our designs as per their needs.

It works from the hand bending and gives an ability to grab objects.” (As depicted in the image below)

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Is 3D Printing being used or will be used in the manufacturing process of the PROSTHESIS ?

Yes, right now we are mostly using 3D printing but we are thinking about using other technologies like Vacuum Casting for some elements.

How would you describe the FINGERS PROSTHESIS in One word & in a sentence ?

In a word, “Balance” and in a sentence , “Difference is only the beginning.

Every Design reflects the Values & Character of its Designer in itself” How does this apply to you & this project ?

I think it reflects my personal vision of issues and problems in my life. If something unexpected or bad happens to me first of all I think about what Good I can take away from it. It can be a lesson, cool story or a great design task.

FINGERS PROSTHESIS Project by Nikita Replyanski.
FINGERS PROSTHESIS Project by Nikita Replyanski.

Does this Project holds any personal significance for you ?

Yes, Definitely ! Few years ago I got cancer and it was a real surviving for a year“.

I’ve seen doctors fighting for every patient working hard days and nights. I felt that I want to be a part of it. I didn’t think of becoming a doctor but I thought that, there so many great doctors but practically no designers in that field So, I decided to use my skills in this way.

And I want you to understand me correctly. It is not the sense of duty, Its just that like my work and this project very much. I feel happy working with my team.

FINGERS PROSTHESIS Project by Nikita Replyanski.
FINGERS PROSTHESIS Project by Nikita Replyanski.

Would you say that FINGERS PROSTHESIS is your favourite project out of all the projects you have done ?

One of the favourite projects for sure ! Did you ever try to create good products and designs for unique clients, that must look really cool in a small young company ? It’s more than just difficult. So you can understand how much it means for us, We really love it !

You can find more of Nikita’s work on his Behance page : (Here)

and on his Tumblr profile : (Here).


About Nikita Replyanski.

I like to take part in the science projects as an industrial designer. My skills from game’s graphics gives me a great advantage in this field with modern technologies. When I started to study industrial and product design I was just adding some new knowledge. It was not from scratch. And to be honest, I was studying the engineering for the airplanes devices for about 2 years before I decided to focus only on Design and Computer graphics.

We live in a great time! Something that was Science Fiction 5 years ago now is a real thing. When I am thinking about new designs for our prosthesis today I can just open some new sci fi movies and fashion sites…isn’t it really cool ?” Also music that I am listening to was always a big part of my working process. Sports makes me work more effective, I am a big fan of the professional Knife Fighting, also running and GYM. I am dreaming of working in the Space field industry, but there are so many work on the Earth for us now 🙂

I think it is a crime against Humanity not to use our abilities of science & design to make our lives better. All is see is a lot of games, movies & other fun stuff, not a lot of real working science projects. People think about new cars, more lazy life. They want to wake up at 11 am & let Robots do their work. It is just not the Future I have imagined.

First of all we must change ourselves & must be very accurate with our comfort life. For me Future is about Independent people, Knowledge, Health, new Studying technologies, longer life, Space, hard work, clean air & water e.t.c.



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