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First of all we thank you for giving us a few minutes of your precious time. We welcome you to designdaily..

The fact that you are here shows that you are aware and wish to do your part in creating change. What you do matters ! And You play a big part.

Some of you who are reading this are consumers, creators (designers, engineers & students) and some are both. You have to know that even the smallest of things that You do have a big effect on the world.

Today we would like to share this with you. Many of you probably already know this.


Getting right to it !

As Consumers.

We all buy products. A lot of them are made of Plastics. These can be our gadgets, personal products, kitchen ware, furniture et cetera. We can also include the plastic carry bags and the product packaging in this.

The packaging is discarded instantly and after a few or several years of usage, so is the product. It is also said that products are even created in a way that they only last for a few number of years – we do not have a proof of this to show it to you, so we won’t talk about it.


Unfortunately, the U.S. recycling rate on cell phones is only 8%. Yikes.

Discarded cell phones – Image & Text from precisionnutrition.com

So, we are Playing the Central role in this issue, right ? And what if Pollution is not the problem but a by-product of our activities ? Are we the problem ?

Now if we have realised this ^ We already have taken the first step in making things better. We now know what needs to be looked on i.e Us.


We have to become consumers that are Aware of Consequences & understand them. We have to Think for a Moment before buying a product made out of a material that can harm our nature.

So, we request and encourage you to take a Moment, you have all the time in the world, to Think about the consequences before you proceed to buy a product.


We know that we can not just Boycott essential products, we can not – not until we have alternates that are made out of sustainable materials and materials that are environment friendly. But just by having this mindset and asking these questions to yourself, the things will simply start to change.

Now, As Creators.

What can Creators i.e designersstudents & engineers do to tackle this issue ?

They are the ones that are creating the products that we talked about above, the products that consumers use.

So, what if creators started using and integrating such environment friendly & recycled materials in their creations ?

Won’t things get better instantly ? Yes they will ! Reusing & giving these discarded materials a purpose is an affective way of tackling this issue of Waste.

Everyday we come across projects and products that have successfully integrated materials that are bio-degradable, recycled, repurposed, reused and these creations Work !

Here are a few examples.

(click on the images to know more)


The TUBES Series lamp by BENTU includes Recycled Plastic pipes.


Each of the HamiltonPerkinsCollection bag is made out of 10 waste plastic pet bottles & the bag interior use repurposed billboards.


Make&Mold furniture from HandMade Industrials is made out of Recycled Polypropylene (used in packaging).

5The WARNA Bench from Kristina Dwi Suryani utilises recycled plastic everywhere, from the seat to the legs.


The PAPERCHAIR from Timian Westerberg is created out of discarded cardboard and paper.


What we are trying to tell you here is to take action and print this in your mind that  “ Things Need to Change & We are the ones who Need to take action. We all need to do our part No Matter how Big or Small  or else it will get so late that no matter what we try, it not be good enough to make our planet, nature, environment and our lives better !

Guys, it will only Harm Us ! For instance – We need water to survive and that water is getting polluted with all this waste. This waste is also killing the precious marine lives.

So, what will You do about this ?

You have the power. Create change. We need You.

And of course the more people this message reaches, the better. So, we request you to share this and tell your collegues, friends, family about this issue and what we all can do to tackle this issue of Waste.

You can also share your thoughts with us by simply writing at – letsdesigndaily@gmail.com

Thank you.

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