“designed for you, with you..”. ATOSSA 3D Printing Footwear.

“Our goals us to increase people’s involvement in the design process & to minimize the waste of matter and energy.”

– Behrad Ghodsi. Founder of ATOSSA.


In these past 2-3 months we came across Footwear conceptS based on 3d printing as a method of production & with the aim of creating a highly personalised, comfortable & innovative footwear. Each one same in mostly all the aspects of Design & Production.

But as we said, ConceptS. They are all either concepts or still in Development Phase except the one we are going to be looking at today, which is really close to being an actual Product.


Today we take a look at ATOSSA The 3D Printed Footwear.

“A new generation of 3D Printed footwear, designed only for You. ATOSSA is about Comfort, Style & Quality.”

“We believe participatory design is the future for design.”


designdaily.. talks to Founder Behrad Ghodsi.


Behrad, Can you please tell us about the Design ?

“Atossa started as an idea for redesigning industrial and social systems that deliver the products to us. We thought of getting help from 3D print technology to develop customized products. Our goals are to minimize the waste of matter and energy and increase people’s involvement in the design process. Our strategy is to design with people in order to provide the product for them. We believe participatory design is the future for design.”

What was the Inspiration behind the Atossa ?

“I believe as designers we have to be carious about new technology and see how We can apply it into our design to improve the user experience. Based on user needs and the potential that I find in 3D- printing technology as a manufacturing method, I started to design a series of ergonomic and stylish 3D-printed footwear.”

Is Atossa a New Product to the Market or are you introducing a new idea & concept ?

“Atossa may not be the first 3D-printed footwear on the market but the Service Design concept behind it is definitely a new approach. What we are offering to customers in terms of shoes ergonomic customisation while keeping up with the latest fashion on the market, makes Atossa stands out as a Unique Product.”

Can you please tell us about the Design Process of the Atossa & how you came to the final design & proposal that we see.

“Ideation began with discovering inspiration with pictures, and mind map. Later came sketching to help finding possible shape, function, and aesthetics. After printing the shoes I asked different people to try them and give me feedback on the style and ergonomics to improve my concept on next designs.”

“Eventually, I came up with the final design. The Reason behind choosing the bone microscopic structure style is that, not only it represents strength but also it’s an stylish structure. In addition, I needed a shape which can show the potency of 3d printers to manufacture complex shapes !”

What are you trying to achieve with Atossa ?

“Lack of user customization in the shoe ergonomics would Result in many dissatisfactions and sometimes diseases. ATOSSA embraces every feet’s unique form and shapes itself accordingly. We are looking for new type of customization, something more than changing the colors or some small details !”

How would you describe Atossa in a single word ?


& in a sentence ?

“ATOSSA is an environment friendly product designed only for your feet.”

What would be the one thing about the Atossa that would appeal to people the most ?

“We are creating a unique opportunity for people to be involved in an environment friendly production process. ATOSSA stays away from mass production and keeps the waste down.”

Can you please explain the Structure of the Atossa for us ?

“For designing ATOSSA we were searching for a Stylish, Organic structure that could be printed by 3D printers. Also, the strength of the structure with the minimum material usage was a concern since it should be able to tolerate the pressures from user’s weight and her movements. The search for different structures and patterns ended up to the microscopic structure of Bones, which provides both style and sturdiness for the shoes.”

“In the final design, the organic structure has been rearranged to fit the points that had the most pressures in the shoe, such as Ball, Hill, and Arch.”

Why choose 3D Printing as your method of production ?

“I believe 3D Printing is the future of manufacturing. It’s reducing the cost and energy. Our world is suffering from the footprints of giant factories. 3D-printing would be A Good Solution for the Environmental Problem.”

Can you please tell us about the Production process of the Atossa ?

“The process would start by 3d scanning of user’s feet and sending the pictures by smartphones and through our App. The next step would be Redesigning the footwear based on the unique features of the user’s feet and eventually we will print the design.”

What are Materials that will be used in production of Atossa? Any Organic materials ?

“ATOSSA is made by PLA (Polylactic acid or polylactide). PLA is a bio-material because it is obtained out of natural resources such as corn, potatoes or sugar beets, it is acknowledged as an “Earth Friendly”. Also this material is 100% recyclable so we can recycle it for several times (uses) and 3D print new shoes with the same material !”

Would this project & design be possible without the 3D Printing technology ?

“I don’t think so. As you know, every single time Atossa will redesign base on user’s unique feet’s features. So, it means every time we have a new design and product so it’s almost impossible to achieve this with common manufacturing methods.”

“Also, production of Atossa’s structure needs a complicated manufacturing and molding in order to make this complex shape and structure. Even if it was a possible choice, it would cost a lot !”

How does a 3D Printed footwear differ from ones that aren’t ?

“A 3D printed footwear has the Ability to be Unique and Ergonomic with the Minimum CostIf you want to get these features and customize design with common production, you’ll end up paying a lot of money !”

“So by Atossa, you can have Your own Custom design Shoe with a Low cost.”

In what order would you place these qualities of Atossa : Style, Function & Quality.

“It’s hard to differentiate between those. Style for high-heels shoes is a part of its function. We believe style, function and quality are all important in shoe design. I have tried my best to balance them all in the design process. I consciously thought about the balance and did not want to forget about either of those, since what user needs for high heels shoes is a combination of all.”

Comfort is probably the most essential Characteristic of a Shoe. So, how will the DNA shoe perform in this area?

“Studies show that Wearing improper footwear can easily Hurt Sensitive areas of the Foot.  As a result,  we have designed a Product that supports your arch, ball and heel based on your unique characteristics to prevent any damage to your feet.”

Are there any Medical benefits related to the footwear?

 “We have focused on most sensitive parts, like, arch, ball and heel and have redesigned the shoe based on these factors to prevent any damage to users feet.”

How will Atossa affect the Future of the Footwear industry or even the Design industry, as a whole ?

“I believe the path we are moving forward on is heading to customizing base on the user’s needs and we are going to say goodbye to mass production. I imagine in near future we will have products that are just designed for us ! I believe this also will happen in Footwear industry and I’m so happy that Atossa can be part of this revolution !”

About the Durability of the Shoe, How Durable would a pair of Atossa’s be & how long would be the life of the footwear?

“It’s not easy to predict the exact number, since it would depend on many factors such the user and how they will deal with Atossa! But I see it as durable as common high heels. “

“Also we would offer an option to our customers that If anything happens to Atossa or they get bored with their shoes they can send them back to us. We will Recycle their shoes, Reprint them and Send them back to customers with a Huge Discount.”

You have launched a kickstarter campaign for Atossa, how is it going & how successful has it been ?

“We have launched our campaign about a week ago and till now we’ve got a lot of feedbacks from people, bloggers, designers and 3D Printing companies. However we need more backers to make this project alive. ” (Click the logo to visit ATOSSA on Kickstarter.)


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