Aura Café coffee table.

The Aura Café by Aglaya Studio.


Mexican design studio Aglaya has created a table out of Coffee. Yes, Coffee ! The auxiliary table was created in collaboration with Salvador Jarero and Juan Leñero.


We saw an opportunity, we accepted the challenge and put our minds on it.

The Studio founded by the duo Claudia Mascareño and Ailssa Leyzola specialises in furniture design through the use of sustainable materials in order to create extraordinary designs.

It is made out of coffee. it awakens your senses, it’s so great and it smells like coffee.” – The Aura Cafe coffee table is made out of COF – Compost Coffee. It was developed by studio a two years ago out of Coffee Residue.

The table is a part of the collection Sabor a mí from La Tlapalería and is being exhibited as part of the collection DECODE2016 which will last until the end of this year.


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