Bamboo Speakers.

Bamboo Speakers designed Samy Rio.

This project, which is my graduation project, has always been designed to be, in a sense, a manifest project which raises questions about the industry, the craftsmanship and the use of the materials inherent in its two practices of production. The bamboo recessed its place in the design and in the industrial creation, it is a material that must be followed closely and which will allow changes and evolutions in many fields in the short term. The objects I have proposed are not marketed today because although the material is adapted to its uses it is at the level of the production modes that it blocks, the factory and production line and tools are made for calibrating materials, regular and always similar, such as plastic and metal, while bamboo tube is a natural material such as wood that requires other forms of processing and production which are now more accessible at the level of the craft work. Hopefully that may change in the next years and we will see more and more manufactured projects using bamboo tubes as it is the case in architecture for decades now.

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