BANTON Frameworks.

..the plastic used to make spectacles and sunglasses is called cellulose acetate. Sourced from the worlds leading Italian supplier, this bio polymer derives from cotton plants and is also biodegradable..


Based near Glasgow, Scotland, designers Lucy Ross & Jamie Bartlett began making spectacles and sunglasses themselves. Together, they founded what they describe as a revival of UK based eyewear manufacture; Banton Frameworks. Positioned as a classic contemporary, the brand is focused on creating timeless eyewear that has been designed well, made well in the UK.


The post is narrated by Lucy & Jamie.

The plastic used to make spectacles and sunglasses is called cellulose acetate. Sourced from the worlds leading Italian supplier, this bio polymer is derived from cotton plants and is also biodegradable. The sheet acetate is precision machined using CNC technology to make the frame fronts.

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During five years of trial and error, the we taught ourselves how to make spectacles and sunglasses. The processes involved to do this were alarmingly complex, not to mention labour intensive. To simplify this, we undertook thousands of hours of practice and learning to understand how to make a viable product. Today, sheets of material arrive at the workshop and leave as pairs of glasses.

Starting with raw materials, and processing them ourselves, we have removed a lot of the production costs. Simultaneously, our carbon footprint in the supply chain has been dramatically reduced, whilst creating a sustainable infrastructure.

By learning to do this ourselves we have an even stronger understanding of our product and a purposeful business proposition to match.


If we were to design a new frame, the design process starts with a sketch or an idea. This defines the basic characteristics of a frame. We convert that sketch into a basic vector outline which we then prototype on our laser cutter. This process is very quick and effectively informs us if we are happy with the shape. After that, I would then 3D model the design prior to it’s production run.

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With less design, we can do more with our quality. We pride ourselves on the materials and processes we utilise and this has become one of our major identifiable strengths. When people pick up our glasses, they just know they are special. That feeling never gets old and it’s something we want to explore further.


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Designing and making our own collections has been incredibly challenging. We have literally had to build our own machinery to overcome both physical and financial constraints.

Lucy & Jamie.



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