The BOH.

The BOH Chair by Evan Stichhaller / Sarah Ballantyne / Drake Birmann.

Narrated by the Team itself.

Simple, yet significant,

Impossible to ignore.

We the designers on Team Tükaas consist of Evan Stichhaller from Ajax, Sarah Ballantyne from Newmarket & Drake Birmann from Toronto. We represent a group of 2nd year Industrial Design students from Humber College in Ontario, Canada.


Boh – short for Bohemian.

Recently, for our end-of-the-year project, we were tasked with designing and manufacturing a chair based on the principles of human-centred design.

The team has successfully integrated sustainable materials like Marine Cork Recycled Rubber in their creation –

Our design criteria lead us to examine the practical uses of marine cork sheets (typically used for the decks of ships) and Dinoflex recycled rubber (typically used for gymnasium flooring). These materials, in combination with a desire to make a chair that was ergonomic in measurement, and sustainable in materials, lead us to the BOH.

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We chose to focus on an upscale, affluent demographic that would typically spend their leisure time at various wineries and cafes. We also wanted to explore atypical materials that were not commonly associated with contemporary chair design.

From the earliest concept to the final prototype, we maintained the core elements of the original idea : a folded cork sheet nestled in a thin metal frame. In fact, beyond accounting for ergonomic fit, the cork flat pattern remained virtually the same from start to finish.

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One of our primary design goals was to design Boh as a flat packageable product. This was important because it would benefit efficient manufacturing, ease of assembly and in the process, becomes more economically viable and feasible.

By making Boh’s cork shell a flat pattern and reducing the frame to consist of only four unique pieces, this vision became reality.

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We also would like to thank all the individuals and partnered companies that made a contribution to the BOH chair. Thank you for helping make our vision a reality.

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