Broken Stick Stool.

The Broken Stick Stool from Petronella Lunde.

Narrated by Petronella herself.

The aim of this stool is to emphasize the value in waste.

The Broken Stick Stool is made of reused materials with interesting properties. The carrying construction is built together by broken ice hockey sticks made of composite materials.

Composite materials are known for being strong and light weighted, but they are also hard to recycle in a proper way.

The fabric and seat is put together by textile waste from a clothing manufacturer. The waste consists of merino wool fabric and has nice features thanks to the wool.

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Wool is the most flame resistant natural fiber and it has an ignition temperature of 570-600°C. Thanks to this special feature there is no need to add flame resistant chemicals, which is done to other textiles and furniture’s aimed for the home environment.

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The stool was my contribution to a bigger project with students from Jönköping University and Nässjöakademien, and in collaboration with the Brazilian designer Maria Cecilia Loschiavo dos Santos. The stools where exhibited at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2017.

Scale Model.

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Flat-Packing feature.

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Design Process.

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