The COMBA lounge chair.

Narrated by Dominik Bini.


Ecological  design  based  on  the  reuse  of  industrial  waste creating  a  unique  and  versatile furniture.


COMBA is a furniture made 100% out of Industrial Waste created by a Group of 6 industrial design students who worked on the necessity of Eliminating school and industrial waste around the city.

It is a 100% ecological furniture made of recycled material. The main body is made of Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) that was found in the school’s industrial design studio and the tubes are made of compressed cardboard tubes from textile companies near Puebla, Mexico.

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Comba was a part of the exhibition for Puebla Capital del Diseño which is the Organisation in charge to promote Puebla as the design and innovation capital of Mexico. CombaMx is the name of the group of designer and creators of this ergonomic furniture.

This group of design students truly believe that upcycling is the way to improve people’s life quality and to reduce the amount of waste generated around our country and the globe.

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Members of CombaMx

Dominik Bini Falconi 

Itzel Tellez Giron Gonzalez

Daniela Diaz Jarquin

Maria Fernanda Nava

Jose Luis Galindo Ortiz



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