The Concretus.

The Concretus by Gražina Bočkutė.


wireless bluetooth speaker made from Concrete. It stands out due to material choice. Concrete makes every speaker different – each speaker has different air-bubbles in different places, a different surface finish. Sleek stainless-steel details creates a unique contrast changing the usual speaker appearance. The user can easily control the speaker through bluetooth wireless technology. It perfectly fits in unconventional modern homes and delivers the user new audio experiences.


The main inspiration for this speaker is the pier of Klaipeda with it’s Tetrapods (click to know more about Tetrapods). Klaipeda is a coastal city, my hometown and I always find inspiration here. The tetrapods are made from concrete and metal, which seemed a perfect material choice. The tetrapods also have a rough unconventional look which makes them stand out of the surroundings. These characteristics inspired me the most and I wished to translate them to my own project.” – Says Gražina.


The speaker is controlled with wireless bluetooth technology. A user can control it via their smartphone or on a control panel on the side of speaker. The control panel has four essential control buttons : On/Off – USB – AUX – Mode.

The main challenge was to create a highly unique visual appeal which makes it stand out from the crowd, but also keeping it very minimalistic and simple. This material was completely new to me. I had to find the right proportions when mixing it, right appearance, as I wished it to be with as much air bubbles as possible, right strength and right form to fit the sound system and to produce quality sound and etc.” – She adds.



Concretus is only a concept / a prototype right now. Gražina is looking for specialists and producers to realise it into a product. Anyone interested can drop her an email at grazina.bockute@gmail.com .

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