The Conglomerati from designer Moreno Ratti.

Narrated by Moreno himself.

The idea born from a desire to come up with a way to use the marble waste produced in the process of marble extraction. I believe that every marble piece pulled out of the mountain is precious & unique and for this reason it should not be wasted.

So my research has led me to make a material by combining marble + cement. A material capable of being molded like clay and plastic, any free form with a thickness ≥ 1cm, but also capable of preserving the quality of natural and sustainable material.

The New material is created in collaboration with Stroili Stone.


Moreno uses waste marble in this project. This project & post is not just to showcase a Creation but to also propose (a viable) way of reusing waste – marble waste. The creation goes on to show us that even waste can be integrated in our creations and design processes. We can create beautiful, elegant & practical products that are socially and environmentally conscious, and all this can be done with Waste.



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