Folks Kitchenware for the Visually Impaired.

Folks Kitchenware by Kevin Chiam.

Narrated by Kevin himself.

Cooking is a challenging ritual for the blind due to the lack of sensory references which are crucial to help them map out the environment. To overcome the steep learning curve, Folks is a series of familiar kitchen tools, leverages on natural, sensory feedback and tactile cues to pre-empt and inform the blind such that they can prepare food safely with convenience, confidence and dignity.

Essentially, I realized that the blind’s actions are guided by spatial judgements which are formed by sensory references – our bodily senses. Accidents occur when they have insufficient information of the environment due to the lack of cues. As it turns out, when rich, tactile feedback is provided to inform the blind of a particular result, they can better grasp the context and avoid making poor judgements. Hence, this became the seed for the Folks initiative.

Folks is also selected to exhibit in the 3rd run of the Global Graduation Show during the Dubai Design Week which runs from 13th to 18th November 2017.

The Series consists of :

A Knife.

A Chopping Board + Collectors.

A Spoon.

A Pot Lid (with Steam Vent).

A Stove Ring.


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