Food For Your Phone.

Project ‘Food For Your Phone‘ from Allison Jean Davis.

Narrated by Allison herself.

a critical project.


 The goal of this Project is twofold. First – to provide a motivation powerful enough for humans to give up their phone and engage in the tangible, and Second – to raise the question of if we are willing to put down our phones to support the lives of others, why are we not doing the same for ourselves? 


It does question our human nature in this digital era.

“ The Project is an exploration of this very question. By placing one’s phone on the provided platform, food and water are released into the environment below, supporting the physical health and mental wellbeing of the living thing enclosed within it.

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“ It’s designed to raise discourse around how we tend to emphasize and place more importance on our ‘digital existence’ than what’s happening physically around us a.k.a in the real world. The cube(s) is meant to act as incentive for physically putting our phones down to engage in the real world. By placing the phone in the box, a mechanism releases food and water into the environments below to support the living plants within them.


“ While there is much to be celebrated for advancements in technology and artificial living, one can’t help but wonder what the consequences are of living in a predominately digital realm. In recent years, there have been a plethora of studies released highlighting a variety of negative effects these experiences have on human beings from an emotional, biological, and social standpoint.

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“ It is our responsibility as designers to question the pros and cons of continuing to move towards a mainly virtual existence and generate opportunities to restore interest in our physical surroundings.

I consider this an example of Discursive Design.

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Allison is currently working on her Master’s Degree at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

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