HINOKI – Sustainable Packaging.

HINOKI – Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging by NINE.

Narrated by Henrik Lundblad.




In the Cosmetics Industry, the notion of “premium” products is commonly connected to the “little extras” on the packaging. Many times, this extra packaging is not entirely necessary and only used during a limited time and then is simply discarded.


The challenge in this project was to create a product designed for travellers, based on renewable materials without compromising on aesthetics. The goal was to create a sustainable packaging range that gives the user a premium experience while being respectful to our planet.



HINOKI is a range of travel-size packaging made out of biodegradable paper for organic skin care products. It’s a concept based on simplicity, single-origin and respect for the renewable material applied to a currently quite un-sustainable packaging category.

The structural design of HINOKI is inspired by the form-language of origami as a means of being true to the value of the material. Each container uses a single piece of laminated paper, pressed into shape, with a tear-off corner revealing a HINOKI wood twist cap.




The result is a tactile and natural skin care range with premium value, coming not from artificial inflation, but rather an honest representation and respect for the value of both packaging materials and product experience.

The project is based on existing material and technology. It is currently in the process of being up-scaled by NINE together with BillerudKorsnäs.


In essence, skin care is a refinement of the raw material we’re given and the HINOKI range seeks to communicate that in the product design. Imagine one of the days premium cosmetic brands revolting against the un-sustainable, over-packed glass and plastic solutions today by creating and investing in a more sustainable and differentiating solution.





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