IDSC 2018.

Welcome to the IDSC ’18

Included in this post you will find every bit of information that you need to know about the Challenge.

In case you have any questions ? Kindly send them over to letsdesigndaily@designdaily.in w/ subject “IDSC2018 Query”.

International Design Sketching Challenge 2018.

The IDSC is brought to you by designdaily.. and has been made possible by the support from Sketchfresh, Prismacolor, VOR shoes & Architools.


The IDSC.’18 is Open to ALL. No Age Requirement & It is open to both Students and Professionals.

3 Winners (Gold, Silver and Bronze) with prizes from Prismacolor, VOR shoes & Architools (scroll to the bottom for prize information).



Staying in the theme and working with ideas that show your sketching skills in the best way. Please do specify the name of your concept during submission.

Presentation is essential. The sketch(es) should speak for itself/themselves – keeping the use of pointers and texts in the sketch (presentation) as low as possible.

Make sure to include a detailed description of your concept (idea) – this will be used to cross check if everything that has been mentioned in the description is evident in the sketch or not & if the sketch(es) effectively communicate(s) the concept/idea or not.

Working with complex forms, exploded sketch presentations et cetera is a good way to show your skills.

The idea has to be yours. It has to be original – an original product concept and using the concept to show your sketching and communication skills. 

Submission examples.

Sketches from Adityaraj Dev.

More from him.

The above 2 Sketches are examples of ideal submissions – good picture (photography), well done sketches that communicate the idea and multiple sketch presentation, done on paper with pen and pencil (tools visible in the picture), minimum or no use of markers.

How to Submit your work ?

2 Ways

i. Submission via Email (Recommended) – Details (about) of your submission (sketch(es) & concept) + About Yourself.

ii.  Submission via Instagram – As posts on your feed or Via Direct Messages > Including Details about your submission (sketch(es) & concept) + About Yourself. Using the hashtag – #designdailyidsc 

The submission via Instagram might be a bit easier but – We require high quality & high resolution image, and there is no way to download the images on Instagram.

Also, those of you who do not have a profile on Instagram ? You can submit your entries via email & please do mention that you are not active on Instagram.

Email submissions – letsdesigndaily@designdaily.in w/ subject “IDSC2018 Submission”.


All your submissions will be analyzed and judged by

Achim Storz

Founder and CEO of Design Storz (Zell am See, Austria).


Maximum of 2 Submissions per person.

The focus is on Analog sketching – Sketching with pen or pencil and paper.

Minimum use of markers for renderings. as depicted in the sketches above.

You can use any type of paper you wish to – the sketch(es), content and presentation should be clear and visible. The color of Pen, Pencils and Paper depends on your preference.

Submissions should be made before or on the deadline day to letsdesigndaily@designdaily.in (email) or to @letsdesigndaily (Instagram) (click to visit).

Dates & Duration.

1st August to 31st August.

Results & Winners.

3 winners will be announced after the duration & after the judging process – First | Second | Third.

Winners will be announced on designdaily..’s Instagram – @letsdesigndaily

The top three will also be notified by email – so make sure to share your personal or preferred email address.

The winning and the best submissions will be featured on @letsdesigndaily.


1st place.

Prismacolor : 24 Count Chisel Tip (assorted colors) with carrying case +12 Premier Prismacolor pencils (black) + 12 Premier Verithin pencils (black).

VOR shoes : The Prize depends on what you wish it to be. VOR let’s you visit the online shop and choose any sneaker – any size – any color.

Architools :  2 Copper Patina Minimalist Notebooks.

2nd place.

Prismacolor : 12 Count assorted colors marker set + 12 Premier Verithin Pencils (black).

Architools :  1 Copper Patina Minimalist Notebook.

3rd place.

Prismacolor : 12 count Cool Grey marker set

Architools :  1 Copper Patina Minimalist Notebook.

 As mentioned above, if you have any questions you can simply email them to –

letsdesigndaily@designdaily.in w/ subject “IDSC2018 Query”.

We kindly request you to share this post on your social sites (sharing options below), so that your friends, schoolmates and colleagues know about this opportunity.

Thank You Very Much ! 

Looking forward to your Creations.


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