L01 chair.

What is a chair ? And what do we know about it ?

L01 chair by line design studio.

Narrated by the studio.

A person interacts with ‘interiors’ and furnitures every day, and they have become such integral parts of our lives that we do not even pay special attention to them and to the part they play in our lives.
It is for this reason that line studio decided to develop the L01 chair. We wanted to revise the image that is so familiar to us and give it new features !

In developing the chair, we assigned ourselves just one task. Our chair was supposed to be simple ! We firmly believe that the beauty of things lie in their simplicity.

We only chose two materials – steel and natural wood. The frame of the chair is made of a 22mm steel pipe, which with a non-sprung line starts from the back, and passes through the entire silhouette, returning again to the back of the chair. The wooden chair seat serves as a counterweight to the graphic lines of the metal.

Now the Line Design studio is developing the line L0, and soon we will be able to show a lot of new interesting products. 

Photographs from Vitaliy Fandorin.


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