Lantern One.

..the function of the light was realised during a night spent with friends around a fire.

Lantern One designed by Liam Sholicar.

Narrated by Liam.

Lantern One, an interactive portable light designed to encourage social interaction. Taking styling cues from mining lanterns, the light has been designed to fade over time just as a campfire would. The brightness can then be increased again by blowing into the base of the lantern as though blowing down into the embers of a fire, creating a product which is more of an experience, something that must be tended to over time, rather than a light which is simply turned on and forgotten.

The insight which influenced the function of the light was realised during a night spent with friends around a fire – I noticed how everybody became quieter and was interacting less as the fire began to fade and it became more difficult to see each other. However, upon adding more fire wood, light levels increased as the flames became bigger. This not only created a talking point but also caused everyone to once again begin socialising.

Constructed using industrial materials with white frosted glass, black powder coated metal and brass countersunk detailing screws. Lantern One is lit using NeoPixel Jewels and controlled with a Modern Devices wind sensor used in conjunction with a chip coded using Arduino.

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Designer Liam Sholicar (@_lsholi) graduated from Northumbria’s Design for Industry course in July 2017 and was featured as one of Blueprint Magazine’s ‘2017 Graduates – The ones to watch’.

Lantern One is currently entered into the MADE.com Talent Lab competition and can be voted for through the link below. Products which are successful in this competition will be put into production and manufactured for sale worldwide, so please show your support. (click the banner or image below).


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