“The Essence of Scandinavian design..” the LAVU Lamp by Tom Davies.

Scandinavian design is Simplicity, Minimalism & Functionality.”

Inspired by the Scandinavian design philosophy & tradition designer Tom Davies has created the LAVU Lamp, which is quite reminiscent of the Lavvu tents.

Lavvu tents are traditionally used by the Sami People of northern Scandinavia to provide shelter from harsh Arctic conditions.

The Design of Lavu Lamp is simple in order to radiate warmth and homely cosiness. In Danish, this feeling can be described as “Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) and is especially important to Scandinavians, where life revolves a lot around the home in light of the long, cold and dark winters.

Just like many Scandinavian designs, Lavu Lamp aims to make the home a comfortable and cosy place of refuge through the use of natural materials, soft tones and simplified expressive forms that appeal to our feelings while being a Functional design.”

Lavu Lamp is made from Birch Plywood, a strong and natural material characterised by its attractive pale colour. Birch is a species of tree commonly found in Northern Scandinavia and was used by the Sami people to construct Lavvu tents.

Lavu Lamp combines beauty with practicality and energy efficiency by featuring a Plumen 001 Bulb and an LED bulb, each of which can be independently switched on and off to meet your lighting needs.

The Lavu Lamp uses a Plumen 001 Bulb, which beautifully mimics the fluid and ever-changing form of smoke that rises above a Lavvu tent.

The Tyvek® light shade is 100% recyclable, and when backlit, it displays a beautifully organic pattern, similar to Reindeer hide, the same material the Sami people traditionally used to cover their Lavvu tents.

Taking a page out of the Lavvu tent’s book, Lavu Lamp is designed to be flat packed and can be effortlessly assembled in a minute, without the need for tools , as depicted in the GIF above.

The Lavu Lamp Kickstarter campaign went live on Tuesday, 1st September 2015 at 10am BST.

Let’s Back the Lavu Lamp! & turn this Beautiful Design into a Glowing Reality !

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About the Designer.

“I graduated in Product Design from Cardiff School of Art and Design. I enjoy designing objects that have a simple aesthetic and that are just as simple to use. I consider carefully how people may use my designs early on in my design process. I aim to create designs that inherently have an interesting back story or which people can relate to and make connections with, this can be done through both the aesthetic and the functional aspects of the design.”
                                                      – Tom Davies.

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