“All your Peripherals in One”. The LAYER by designer Kim Edo.

“Space optimization has been the Key to Inconvenience”.

Seoul based industrial designer Kim Edo has created a Concept that combines all our peripheral devices like the keyboard, a mouse track-pad & even a Tablet into a single device called the LAYER.

LAYER by Kim Edo.
The Tablet & the Keyboard. LAYER by Kim Edo.

As the name suggests, the Devices are placed or Layered upon each other. The LAYER includes a Keyboard, a Mouse track-pad & a Tablet. The Tablet being at the bottom, the Keyboard is placed on top of it & can be removed when not in use.

LAYER by Kim Edo.
Exploded View showing all the Devices. LAYER by Kim Edo.

Each one of the devices is “Layered” for convenience & can be arranged and used in any combination the user prefers to, be it the usual Keyboard, the Track-pad & Keyboard or the Tablet & keyboard. All you need to do is just pick & choose the devices you want and arrange them accordingly.

LAYER by Kim Edo.
How to Use. Different Combinations. LAYER by Kim Edo.

By combining all these essential devices into one, the LAYER solves the problem of a “Crowded” workstation & makes the user more Efficient.

LAYER by Kim Edo.
Detail view of the Layer. LAYER by Kim Edo.

You can find more of Kim Edo’s amazing work on his Behance page. (Here).



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