‘A solution for Clean drinking water in Villages.’ Loop, The Rural Water Solution by Eason Chow & Naroth Murali (with One Earth Design)

Recognizing the need is the primary condition for Design.”                                                                                                       -Charles Eames.

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I present to you the LOOP by Eason ChowNaroth Murali in collaboration with One Earth Design.

LOOP is a simple system that comprises of a pump, a series of tubing that carries water into individual recycled coke bottles, and an ergonomic canvas water carrier. It allows for Filtration on the go as well as modularity in function.

Designer Eason Chow talks about his creation.

LOOP is a team project that Naroth and I worked on during our studio project in National University Of Singapore in collaboration with One Earth Design, with Qinghai, China as our targeted users. We were able to gather local background data like their daily schedules, habits and resources through our collaborator who were based in Qinghai then.”

“We noticed that the solution to clean drinking water is prevalent despite numerous innovations provided to them over the years. We were then struck with this saying.”

give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

“which we then realised that a finish solution might not be ideal without the knowledge of maintaining or recreating their tools. We believe that for Rural communities to optimise their use of water solution, the ability to be involved in the building, repairing and maintaining process is crucial for a sustainable water solution.”

“Therefore, with the 4 highlighted project motivations (depicted below), we explored how we can translate our knowledge of water purification and simplifying it into a manual that they can adopt seamlessly reflected from the research from the rural communities in Qinghai.”

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Localising the solution was our greatest motivation and we gathered that PVC pipes, Coke bottles, plastic tubing and even the canvas cloth will be readily accessible to the Locals which are important Tools to our Water Solution, LOOP, which not only simplify the notion of gathering clean drinking water, but also carrying it with Ease.”

The Women in Qinghai strap around (uncomfortable) 50 litres of water carriers & are required to walk in total of 8 hours from their home & back from the water sources which results in Bad Sores & Bruises.

The Water Carrier packs 12 coke bottles, a total of 18 litres of clean drinking water with just 10 minutes of purification effort.

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How to Setup LOOP.

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You can find more of designers Eason ChowNaroth Murali work on Behance :

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