The NOCTUS Lamp by Studio Moritz Putzier.

Narrated by Moritz himself. 

My idea behind the design of this table lamp was to play with the conventions that most lights in that category follow. I wanted to create an everyday product that has a strong character through an unusual composition of proportions. Besides, the main focus has been the development of the unique magnetic joint that holds the luminaire head – a hollow sphere made of a fusion of epoxy resin and metal powder. The joint is made of a circular plastic ring in which little magnets are lined up invisibly in a circle. This feature makes the head more or less levitating and allows the light spot to move freely into the desired position without any complex connection.

I like to work on technical details and to create new functions that are not visible at first sight. To me it is the most exciting and challenging part to achieve that the user can discover an object by interacting, when he can find out intuitively how the product works.

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