Ollé Gellért’s 3D Printed Joint collection shows us how we can make use of desktop 3D Printers in our Homes.

From the Biomimicry-Soft Seating by Lillian Van Daal to the Fingers Prosthesis by Nikita Replyanski |↑|, designers are using this Exciting piece of technology to create some Extraordinary & “Game Changing” Designs & designdaily.. has been fortunate enough to talk to these designers & feature their work.

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But, we aren’t here to talk about Professionals or their work. No.

Today, it is about the people who aren’t Professionals, yet how They can use 3D Printing to create something very Practical that can easily be Produced at Home, Something like the 3D Printed Joint collection by Ollé Gellért.

Note: Ollé Gellért has even shared a link where you can go & Download the STL Files required to Print the Joints. (click on the link below or simply copy it in your browser window)


“The basic Question driving my project is how we can make use of desktop 3D Printers as best as we can in our Homes.”

Ollé Gellért has created, well, Printed a set of Joints that can be produced (printed) at home & can be used to construct objects & furnitures that you can definitely put to use.

“The Power of Creation in your hands + Unlimited possibilities”

Ollé Gellért talks about his creation.

With this project I wanted to draw attention to the importance of changing our thinking as to how to Build something with 3D Printers.

“This is a very ‘current’ problem, because in the past the main focus was on rapid prototyping but in the future it is on rapid manufacturing. In the last few years it has become common for the studios and the individual designers to use printers to produce their models. This kind of use was the privilege of the professionals. But it is changing. One reason being the fall in the prices of the FDM printers. (Fused Deposition Modelling) 

“If the production becomes the part of our household and everybody finds printable models on the internet then One of the possible solutions is the Joint design.

“If we want to create larger objects with our printers, we should print only the small joints so we will be able to connect bigger parts from different materials.”

“It could be practical because Joints, in every object, are very important & sensitive parts.”

“I optimised my joint collection to FDM printers because this is the cheapest and the simplest technology.

“One important feature of the design is that you do not have to screw or glue the parts. That is why it became something like a toy for adults.”

“It is possible to build furniture, installations, partitions and anything else. It only depends on your Creativity.”

(Click on the images to enlarge)

The prototype was printed by SLS technology thanks to a sponsor called Varinex. I want to develop the collection to make it be able to connect thicker and thinner part from different materials as well.

Download the STL Files & Print the Joints easily Yourself ! (click text to visit the link)

You can find more of Ollé Gellért’s work on his Behance portfolio : (Here).

Possible combinations with the 3D Printed Joints. (Click on the images to enlarge)


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