Parallel Slots System

Parallel Slots System by selce studio

Parallel Slots System is a wall mounted shelving system, which was designed to be visually and functionally light, in order to be as unobtrusive as possible and fit in any interior or space. For Selce the idea of designing a wall mounted system came from a strong approach to design and a need, more than the will to make furniture. Their interest in curating and organising spaces made them aware of the lack of storage/display systems with a clean and simple aesthetic, especially within a reasonable price range.

Winner of the John Lewis prize for Design and Innovation, Parallel Slots System was designed to provide a solution to all of these problems.

The system is based on an extruded aluminium upright, folded steel brackets and white laminated shelves. It is designed to be visually light and linear, in order to make the items placed on the shelves the focal point for the observer and therefore make it suitable for any environment and space, with the idea that the less accentuated the visual impact of an object is, the easier it is to merge it with our spaces and accept it as a part of our lives.

The system is fully adjustable, easy to expand and adapt and fully manufactured in the UK.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Parallel Slots System is now live.

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The Kickstarter Campaign for Parallel Slots System is now live.


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