‘Ask the Designers..’ series (Post1).

Some time ago we published a post featuring the A Day in Life series by graphic designer Micael Butial. The series tell us the story of a designer’s day through some really expressive illustrations. From the morning coffee to the “Me time” after coming back home, every detail has been visualised very beautifully ! Have a look..

‘A Day in Life’ series by Micael Butial. (please click to visit)

Now we can say that the idea for this article & even this whole series, the “Ask the Designers..”, was a bit inspired from Micael’s work, but most of it was out of sheer curiosity, to know how designers work, what does it mean & is like to be a professional & a lot more questions !

So we thought, Why not simply ask the Professionals themselves ?

And We did !

but One question at a time & Today’s question being :

“How does being a Professional affects your Work, Thinking & Creativity ?”

We did get some really insightful answers ! Let’s have a look… 🙂 

“For me it is clear, being a professional makes you a better designer. It feels nostalgic when you remember yourself being 100% creative with no boundaries but let’s be honest, this is the real world with all kind of limitations, budgets, client’s tastes-expectations & needs e.t.c., they might be disturbing at times, but they are pieces of our puzzle and without them the project won’t work. You must also learn from these ‘limitations’, If you learn from them, those experiences that seemed to block your way will make you take shortcuts. Learning doesn’t finish at design school, it actually never stops but of course, it’s important to never loose that ‘kid’ in you, that creativity that makes you imagine and dream. That’s what design is all about.”

And I do believe that if you work hard and grow as a professional, there is a returning point where you are so good you can again do whatever you please.

-Marta Del Valle Hernandez.

“When working as a professional designer you work with clients and have time/budget limitations. A student typically has more time and freedom. Something a student has 6 months on may need to be done in a few days, or even a few hours. Learning to produce high quality work in a short period of time takes time to master, so your thinking and execution needs to be quick. Working with clients is also one of the biggest challenges, as you need to learn to ‘sell’ your work to get the clients final approval. Sometimes things can go wrong (expect it), so you need a solid process and contract in place to protect yourself.”

It’s a continuous process of learning and improving processes – the better you get at that, the better your final design work is.

-Ian Paget.

The main difference between my time as a student and now being a professional is that when I was a student I just was worried about having a good design, about the creativity but now we have to deal with the reality of the clients and manage a company that it is not just design and creativity. We have to solve many issues about the projects and deal with different kind of clients. So we don’t have many time with the pen and a white paper.”

-Patxi Cotarelo. DSIGNIO co-founder.

“In the professional world we face daily constraints that are not just strictly bound to design matters, but they also come from the whole system which our project is part of. As a professional you have to manage different situations and solve different issues, but I consider them all as parts of a greater design process. It’s always a challenge and as far as I could see, it is something that schools don’t manage to teach the students. I have often seen that students design in a quite naive way, they somehow lack that contact with reality which makes me think that they can’t even consider other external disturbing factors. That is why when students come to my studio for their internships, the first thing they feel is how more complex is to design in and for the real world.

-Davide Radaelli.

 “Ask the Designers..”

Hello & welcome to the “Ask the Designers..” series on DesignDaily.in.

This is the very first of whole series of  articles coming up ahead. Every article will be based on a Single question.

The format of every article is very ‘straight to the point’ & so are the questions & If You have any questions that you would like Us or the Designers to know about ? Let us know at : letsdesigndaily@gmail.com ,We Will get the answers for You.

More questions and posts coming up ahead ! Stay Close & LetsDesignDaily.. 🙂

Thankyou !



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