PENTATONIC’s AirTool Collection.

The AirTool Collection.

Narrated by PENTATONIC.

The Pentatonic AirTool collection is a revolutionary concept whereby the products themselves are the assembly tools and with just a few changes of components, you can turn one product into another entirely. Components have all been designed to perform a structural role and an assembly role, wrapped up in a progressive design language. This way we minimize waste, we eliminate surplus tools/screws and we also avoid any kind of toxic glues or resins. This also means it is easy to change the entire aesthetic of your space with just simple component changes.

Pentatonic AirTool Plyfix Chair.

Our Plyfix felt looks and feels like a soft, luxurious wool felt, which makes it hard to believe it’s developed entirely from plastic. We’ve 3D heat-formed multiple water-resistant, breathable layers of this material into an ergonomic seat shell with a textured finish. It can be washed, wiped and will even purify your home – its air filtration qualities pull in carbon from the immediate atmosphere.

Pentatonic AirTool Foil Table.

Applying design cues from aeronautical engineering, we wanted to make a table that will be the most impactful furniture in the room or in the office. We also considered the multiple purposes a table may serve so we designed a 2mm niche to allow the consumer to customize inserts – Plyfix felt (made from water bottles) for tactility and comfort in the office or PolyCarbonate (from CDs) for durability and wiping ability in the home.



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