A contemporary twist on a traditional object.

POISE candle stand by Two Create Studio.

Narrated by designer Lucy Snowdowne.

‘Poise’ is a counterweighted candlestick designed to balance over a shelf or table edge. It is balanced with or without a candle and the candles (also handmade in England) are non-drip. As long as they are not positioned in a draft, they run down without dripping wax. 

Initially, only 2 silver plated prototypes were created for a charity auction. We received several requests for them after the auction ended and decided to make a limited batch of 200. They were made of chromed steel in England. Aqua Di Parma asked to show them in Milan during the Salone Del Mobile. All 200, apart from 6 that we retain, were sold and largely bought by creatives including the then curator of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. They were sold as objet’d’art, aesthetically pleasing whether in use or not.

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Two Create Studio


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