Primary Lamps.

“Exploring the shape of collected branches and stones as a method of creative production.”

Primary Lamps Series, created by Octavio Barrera.

Narrated by Octavio.

These pieces are the result of a continuous search for motivation. These creative explorations are a way to keep on learning free from the norms set by the industry.

The branches and stones that I collected during several excursions through the ravines and forests of The Canaries and Barcelona and their whimsical shapes were my inspiration to create a series of five unique table lamps.

They are the result of the synergy among the aboriginal production methods of the Guanches (aborigines from the Canary Islands) and the new LED technologies: unions without glues or binders that simplify the production to primary levels.

Materials: Natural branches, Stones, Leather wires, Terracotta & LED light.




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