Project 8/9/89 by Tamara Orjola.

Narrated by Tamara herself.

More than 30 percent of women have some degree of osteoarthritis by the age of 65. The major complaint by individuals who have arthritis is joint pain. Simple actions like shaking hand, writing, cutting or pouring tea or water can cause pain.

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Objects and tools specially created for elderly people with arthritis are simply aesthetic-less. I wanted to create a series of carafes which in their functions wont exclude anyone. Their shapes suggest many different ways of usage and application. It is less about age but more about capability.




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Project Forest Wool.

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My project explores how the 420 million kilograms of pine needles left over from the 600 million pine trees which fall in the European Union each year might be used. I have found that when treated, the needles which are composed of cellulose and lignin, can be used in paper, textiles and a composite material for the industry, making them a good alternative for imported fibres like coir and cotton. When processing the fibres you can also extract essential oil and dye.

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