Pudica chair.

Pudica Chair by Pedro Paulø-Venzon.

Narrated by Pedro.

The Pudica Chair is an artefact that seeks syncretism between the rationalist style of the early twentieth century and the Brazilian colonial experience, embodied in the severity and economy of its forms and in the rise of a possible transcendence. Containment of an excess that poses as a brand, the piece takes up “Brazilian” inheritances in the form of a contemporary displacement: it adheres to memory’s time and transforms it in a “differend”, thus establishing delicate yet sensitive readings.


The chairs are made of carbon steel (Black) and of brass (the gilded version). The choice of steel makes reference to the Brazilian furniture industry, especially from the fifties, which has the use of steel as one of its stand-out features. Each chair is carefully crafted by hand to order in Brazil.

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Pedro Paulø-Venzon


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