Respark Lantern.

The broader message behind this project is to look at disposable products from a new perspective. Once people see the beauty in objects that have been recycled, they might be willing to do it more themselves.

Respark Lantern created by Chris Ference.

Narrated by Chris himself.

My goal with the Respark Lantern was to turn waste into functional art. By utilizing the materials around us to design, we are able to innovate and develop ideas quicker, without leaving a large environmental impact. Additionally, by building a product using universally accessible materials, people from all over the world can assemble your design. I hope this projects encourages others to reveal new functionality in products, and think twice before disposing them.

Inspiration for the light stemmed from a creative block I experienced when sketching a variety of lanterns at Starbucks. I played with the form of a diffuser, but could not develop anything that stood out from other lighting solutions available today. I put down my pen, and took a sip of my drink. That’s when it hit me.

No time was wasted going from sketch to prototype. At Starbucks, I cut holes in the lid for straws to act as legs for the lantern. As it was sitting lopsided on the table, I realized I had to make it.

The Lamp is made from a Starbucks cup, Straws and a 3D Printed piece that holds it all together.

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