Ros Lamps.

We didn’t want to make just a commercial product. We wanted more than that. We wanted a product with a story and I think we’ve succeeded with our lamps made from used up bicycles.

Lamps made from Repurposed Bicycle Frames, designed by Ros.

Narrated by Manon Diemeer.

We started out with the idea of wanting to use waste as a resource, because we think our consumer society produces enormous amounts of it. The communication student of our team, Sanne, saw light (pun intended) in the idea and was looking for ways mold it in an story that sweeps you up. We were surprised by how many bicycles ended up in the canals of Amsterdam. Every year 15,000 bicycles are taken out of the canals and end up on a scrap heap. We thought that’s a waste! Something so characteristic from the streetscape of Amsterdam, shouldn’t just end up on a scrap heap when you can use the parts perfectly fine.

We didn’t actually manage to use the bicycles form the canals, because fishing them up without a permit is illegal. Instead we made use of orphaned bicycles. It’s not unusual for Dutch people to have multiple bikes of which at least one has broken parts and stands on the side of the streets rusting away or in a basement catching dust. In 2014 there were 47,000 bicycles left neglected on the streets of Amsterdam. We used these orphaned bicycles as a resource for our lamps.

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This way we gave the bicycles a second life and tried to instigate thought on reuse. The parts we chose to use have a strong association to the bike and were fitting for the lamp designs on which we decided. Instead of keeping the original paint (and stickers..) we opted to powdercoat the frames which resulted in a durable uniform finish.

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I started Ros with three others during my minor. We followed the entrepreneurship minor at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in which you start up a business in one semester, complete with registration at the Chamber of Commerce. Our studies differ, which we put to use. I study Product Design so I was in charge of the creative aspects of the business.

from left to right : Robin van Diest, Sanne Pronk, Manon Diemeer, Jan Scholte (teacher), Geraldo Vallen (Judge)

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