SENSUM – a sonar device for the visually impared.

This current prototype was created during a 48-hour event called HackerGames Vilnius – a Team consisting of Gražina Bočkutė, Nerijus Misius, Lukas Avėnas & Agnė Kelmelytė.

Narrated by Gražna.

The idea for Sensum came while drinking tea with a blind person. The only thing on a small table was her tea in a tall plastic cup. She wanted to drink the tea but it would spill everytime she reached out for the cup. This caused a bit of chaos and eventually I helped her out with a straw. I saw the problem here and thought of a device which could help locate nearby objects. This was the starting point for the Sensum.

Our idea was to create a hands-free (device) way of feeling the objects around. This current prototype uses ultrasound sonar and a vibrating motor which provides a feeling of distance.

The first prototype was tested by 2 visually impaired people. The team is currently working on a 3D Print prototype.

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Gražina Bočkutė on Bēhance.


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