Story Teller Cube.

Our vision is to make better relationships.

Story Teller Cube designed by Adriana Pavelić.

Narrated by Adriana.

Idea for storytelling cubes came from my childhood memory. As a child I always had a great time reading bedtime stories with my parents and grandparents but after a while those stories would become boring both to my parents that would skip parts of the story and to me because I knew them by heart. So we started to create different endings of a story and that lead to new stories.

 Encouraging linguistic creativity, expression and imagination in Preschool education is an important part of raising children. The story behind the project presents an interesting intervention over conventional costumes and rituals between children and parents. The project presents an accessory for early language stimulation and development of pre-reading skills.

Toy consists of 5 wooden cubes with engraved illustrations onto each side of the cube. Each cube is different category: person, weather, transportation, place, object. That principle is adopted from the basic rules of storytelling. The game begins after you throw the cubes or pick illustrations from which the story is about to be told (invented). Throwing the cubes or choosing illustrations offers children absolute freedom in creating different scenarios.

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Playing with Story Teller Cubes encourage children’s imagination and develop their creativity. Basically cubes and their illustrations offer a skeleton for a story around which you create content depending how creative or advanced you are.

Our vision is to make better relationships. Weather it is within a family or among classmates, our toys encourage socialization and creative thinking that we consider important in today’s anti-social world of technology and augmented reality with plastic toys that give no space for children to expand their potential and imagination.

This project is made in collaboration with professionals from Montessori School of Pedagogy.
This toy besides being all natural and ecological is designed to be well adjusted for small children and toddlers.
Because of its tactile and inclusive character, cubes can be used for therapeutic purposes.


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