A 3D Printed Ceramic Water Filter.

The Ceramic Water Filter by Kathrin Zelger.

Narrated by Kathrin herself.

The Ceramic Water Filter was created to find an alternative to the disposable plastic filters used in mediterranean countries. The experimental ceramic vessels highlight the material’s unique qualities to filter water.


This old technique of cleaning water with ceramics was combined with new 3D printing technology to make filtration faster and more adjustable.


Through the advantages of 3D printing the porosity of the ceramic structures can be controlled according to the contamination of the water in the particular region.

During the process different levels of porosity were tested to find the one which allows quick but efficient filtration.


The 3 ceramic filters, located in the handle of the carafe, come in 3 different porosities – from very coarse to very fine. To clean the 3 filters you can simply place them in a hot oven, where the heat takes care of all the bacteria and dirt. Thereby the filters can be used over and over again.


The first and biggest filter is the most porous. It cleans the water from the largest dirt particles. The Turquoise filter has a very fine grid that filters bacteria and dirt particles. The yellow filter is responsible for the fine tuning. It takes out all the bacteria that still passed through the turqiouse filter.


The filtering part is made from high quality glass and also functions also as the handle. The rest of the body is made from ceramics.


Project images by Valentin Zelger

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