“A nice combination of Mediterranean and Scandinavian design”




the ABRE by designer Carlos Jiménez.


Spanish designer Carlos Jiminez has created a lamp with a whole new mechanism that changes how we interact with a lamp. The lamp is still in a prototype stage as Carlos is looking out for a firm or company that would be interested in producing it.

Abre table lamp presents a design inspired by the traditions such as woodcrafts and pottery crafts. This fact combined with a simple lines gives us a lamp that could fit in any space or environment.

lighting those places where the user wants to create the perfect environment for every moment


Abre means “open” in Spanish. The way to operate the light by moving the interior cylinder up or down is the main feature of these lamps. This feature makes the user interact with the object in an easy and original way. There is no switch, the light turns on when you pull it up and turns off when pushed down..


..Although it is presented in ceramic and wood, it is totally versatile when choosing other materials. The original materials would be ceramic for the external cylinder, wood for the base and the top, a glass for the internal cylinder. The light would be LED. But, again, these kind of details could be changed depending on production requirements. Due the simplicity of the shapes, the possibilities are quite large. Metal, plastic, glass, marble, concrete… The materials would also affect the style of the lamp, like for example, it could be more luxurious if made out of marble.



Another idea is to integrate the batteries in the lamp itself. By this way the cable would be removed. This would add to the look and aesthetics of the lamp.








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