“the best way to predict the future is to create it..” The Apple CARVision-2020 by designer Matías Papalini.



From design students to brands like Mercedes Benz, everybody proposes their own ideas and concepts and a good of number of them are aimed at future.

These Future & ‘Vision’ concepts are a way for us to interpret, analyse and even give birth to future trends.

Today we take a look at another one of such concepts, which in fact is an interior design proposal for the much anticipated AppleCar.


The Apple CARvision 2020.

The project was realised in the Advanced Design Studio of Lucas Colombo (who was Senior Lead Designer of Mercedes Benz Advanced Design) in Córdoba, Argentina.


no more push to start, just slide..


Know all about the Vision 2020 as designer Matías Papalini explains his work.


“Apple will be a part of the transportion world by the year 2020, and as every time it has entered a new market, it will do it with its characteristic magic. This conceptual project shows several trends and how Apple could surprise people with its incredible subtlety in the world of city cars. Apple always thinks different.” – says Matías.

“Every time Apple introduced a new product in the market (which had not worked before) they reinvented what already existed, surprising all consumers. I think the car will arrive in 2020 and they will reinvent Cars as we know it. In my design process I imagined the design concept that Apple would use: device on the move, a car with an amazing user experience, like all Apple devices.” – He adds.

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Apple CARvision 2020 Interior addresses the company’s typical user : Creative young people who think differently and are energetic and resourceful enough to change the world.




Apple CARvision offers two driving possibilities – Manual and Autonomous.

Manual The manual driving allows the driver to charge and synchronize (Apple CarPlay) his or her iPhone in the Magic Steering Wheel, while the companion can enjoy a huge number of apps on the big touch screen (MacBoard).

AutonomousWhen using the autonomous driving, the Magic Steering Wheel retracts, the MacBoard approaches the passengers and the seats lean back to allow for more comfort. In this way, both will be able to work, surf the Internet or see movies through the awesome movie mode, while Apple CAR takes them to their destination.

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Apple CARVision 2020 project gallery.

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You can see more of designer Matías Papalini‘s work on his Behance profile : Here.

You can also find designer Matias Papalini on instagram @matipapalini

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