The BREATHE by Jordan Steranka & Tai Geng.

Narrated by Jordan himself.


Some of the most unclean air can be found in cities, yet no one takes the initiative to clean the air. The products that do offer a solution leave little to no option. They are ugly and deter other people from interacting with them.


BREATHE is here to change that. Breathe offers a solution to clean air that is convenient and beautiful. It is worn as a necklace and is easily flipped up to your mouth in a time of need.

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Breathe is worn around the neck so that it lives as close to your mouth as possible. It is designed to be used in situations where the user feels as though the air they are breathing is impure. It is not designed to be used for extended periods of time.

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Inside of Breathe is a filter cartridge that filters out toxins and particles. The filter cartridge lives between the mouth piece and the main body. By threading off the mouth piece you gain access to the removable filter. The filter used is ranked as a 13 on the MERV scale protecting from pollen, dust/lint, debris, car fumes and smog, tobacco smoke, smoke, bacteria, virus carriers, and microscopic allergens.


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Jordan Steranka.

Tai Geng.

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