The Brum Brum Bike.


Latvian design studio Brum Brum has created a bike that helps your little ones develop their sense of balance and kinetics from an early stage, while keeping a focus on their safety and integrating features that ensure it.


The Brum Brum Bike


It’s a never seen before, outstanding peace of award winning design. Created for our own kids it has the highest standards and best features we could come up with. The bike is safe, has got a clean look and the injury proof design offers endless fun for all new generations. While riding, kids develop their motor active skills in the most natural way and in a very early age.


The idea was to create the balance bike for kids that is user friendly – weight. suspension, tubeless tires, fingersafe discs, high quality and lots of fun. The father of the idea is Krisjanis Jermaks. We believe that this is the future of balance bikes because in such sensitive age kid has to develop in the most natural way & learning how to balance and developing kinetics is a great asset to a small kid.



Thanks to the U-shaped plywood frame which provides a unique natural suspension the kid’s spine is exceptionally well protected at any given moment. As the lightweight wooden bike is held together by only one screw assembling and maintenance is easier than ever before.


While the bike grows with your kid, it is also possible for siblings and friends to take a quick ride at any moment as one can simply adjust the bike to 3 different heights in seconds without any tools. The discs are finger safe, the tires are puncture proof – nothing can go wrong.



Latvia is one of the world biggest birch plywood producers, everything is created local and the gathered knowledge of our key partner’s craftsmen Kvist Industries is outstanding. This guarantees the highest quality and durability one can ask for. May your kids grandchildren will still ride this bike.




All parts are specially made for the Brum Brum balance bike within the Baltic region. This thoughtful use of raw materials is sustainable, keeps us happy and our environment clean. We as a team are always giving our best, aim high and dream without borders in order to open up for any idea that universe will send and present us with. And in the end sharing this with you is our duty.

– Zigmars Lacis.


The Packaging for the Bike is quite ingenious too, as after unpacking it transformed and can be used a stand for the bike itself. As depicted in the image below.


The Brum Brum Bike has been awarded with IDA 2015, A’Design Award 2015, Good Design Award 2015 & was the runner up for the Core77 Design Award.


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