The BulbCharge.


Designer Julia Kononeneko uses the word universalism to explain her creation, the Bulb Charge.

Quite a few of designer Julia Kononenko’s works combine multiple functions in a single product, which very elegantly satisfy the equation of Form+Function. BulbCharge is one of such projects & among those genuine times when the product is a solution for a problem, which was faced by the creator themselves and decides to take on the issue making our lives easier in the process.

The BulbCharge is a Lamp with an integrated feature that allows you to Charge your gadgets like smartphones and tablets by simply plugging in the USB cable.

As the images clearly depict.


We often fall into a situation where there is an urgent need to charge our phones or tablets but we can’t find any outlets nearby. This is especially true when traveling in another country. When you need to resolve issues quickly and need access to the Internet.– states Julia.

The problem came to our attention when all our electronic gadgets were drained and we were in a foreign city. But were able to find a restaurant with a free outlet and charged our devices. After we calmed down and had our coffee, we started to talk and noticed one peculiarity, that nowadays a lot of restaurants have artistic and designer lighting in the their interiors and it is usually possible to touch the lamps with your hand (without getting up from a chair).– she says.


In our time of global consumption and dynamic movement, we see a way to use multi-functional items, the production of which uses less materials and are essentially about simplifying and unifying.

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Coming to the technicalities of the BulbCharge.

Most modern smartphones and tablets can be charged using the BulbCharge and it works with a standard E27 socket. Julia explains – “All LED lamps have a AC/DC converter. LED’s operate on dc, starting at the voltage of 3 volts. Chargers often give 5 volts and from 1.5 to 2 amperes. So that, to give 5 volts and 2 amps on USB port is not a problem.”.

I want to withdraw from the concept stage to the finished product. Time will tell.

Julia is working to soon take the BulbCharge from a design concept to a finished product. So, it won’t be long when we wouldn’t have to worry about depleting batteries and carrying our powerbanks with us.


Another one of Julia’s works that combines two functions to create something unique is her

EcoPot project.

A nice idea that allows to combine two essential functions on a desk, the practical side to store pencils and green side to soothe the soul.

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Find all of designer Julia Kononenko‘s work on her website


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