The CRUDA by Alessandro Marelli. (+Interview)

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

CRUDA, the name says it All.

Italian for RAW. CRUDA, a Table lamp LED light source, is the ingenious creation of Italian industrial designer Alessandro Marelli.

As the name suggests CRUDA is made of very simple & “Raw” materials.

I use stone bases as the only decorative element that is not ‘Designed’, but directly taken  from nature” He said.

Users could potentially pick their own stone base and make the object truly special.” He added.

Picture courtesy of Alessandro Marelli.
Picture courtesy of Alessandro Marelli.

LANX, his first ‘ OLED Table Lamp ‘, was produced in 2012 by Lumiotec and immediately became part of the Vitra Design Museum collection and in 2013 Lightopia in the exhibition, curated by the Museum in Weil am Rhein together with pieces of Achilles Castiglioni, Gino Sarfatti, Ingo Maurer & Wilhelm Wagenfeld.

LANX OLed table lamp by Alessandro Marelli. (Click Here to view the Project).

We talk to Alessandro Marelli about the Design.

Can you please Tell us about the Design ?

In the design of Cruda, I wanted to bring out the best technology, keeping it bare, with no covers, no frills that could hide the quality of the OLED technology.

“I extolled the most work and the beauty of nature and technology, because they were both made raw in the project.

Or the stone has an intrinsic beauty that is given by the material and processing, and by the action of time on it. The OLED has the looks of amazement that some technologies they know us.

“in this project I think I exalted at best a concept that I love, that is, the contrast between material and form in a project, making all in a minimum.”

Picture courtesy of Alessandro Marelli.
Picture courtesy of Alessandro Marelli.

What was it that Inspired you ? what was the Thought behind this project ?

Generally my guideline in the project is the synthesis, or try according to the brief project to eliminate the superfluous and get to the essence of form without including unnecessary frills having a deep respect for the different characteristics of the materials.”

If you could describe the ‘Design of the CRUDA’ in one word how would you describe it ?

” ‘CRUDA’ in Italian means coarse, rough, brutal, as the name itself explains the project.”

Picture courtesy of Alessandro Marelli.
Picture courtesy of Alessandro Marelli.

Would you say that CRUDA is your favourite out of all the projects you have done ?

If a Designer prefers a project over another, it means that he has worked Evil !

What are the materials used in CRUDA ?

River stones, Copper cables (3mm diameter), Connectors in Porcelain & O.LED panel.

In the stone are inserted two cables (for the two polarities) three mm copper and covered by a polymeric paint so as to isolate them and to steer clear of attainable brief circuits by touching one particular of them. Two clamps on the cables are inserted in the very first electrical power cord and is plugged in and linked to the 2nd OLEDs.” He said.

‘CRUDA’ at the moment is a prototype, but it seems already to have projected into the future.



Alessandro Marelli, born in Brianza – very well known wood/furniture industry district in the North of Milan – has always been interested in and concerned with all the themes about “project”, participating in the development of public and private furnishing with different companies and architecture studios, getting so to the bottom of knowledge of the subject Wood.

During his studies at Politecnico di Milano, Alessandro Marelli had the chance of coming in touch with Enzo Mari.

After the degree in Industrial Design, he co-operated for a short time with Prospero Rasulo.

Called by Enzo Mari, he has worked as his unique co-worker for some years. During this period he helped with the development of several projects, among them for example the preparation of Mari’s exhibition “The art of Design” at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Turin.

After this experience, Alessandro Marelli has decided to start his own atelier and to dedicate himself completely to the “project”.


-“Il design italiano oltre le crisi Autarchia, austerità, autoproduzione” at Triennale di Milano 2014

-“Lightopia” at Vitra Design Museum Basel 2013

-Temporary Museum for New Design 2012 at SuperStudio Più Milano 2012Analogico/Digitale at Subalterno1 Milano 2012

-Light & Reflection at DECOoh! Brussels 2012

-Designersblock  at Ventura Lambrate Milano 2011

-Designboom Mart at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011.

You can find more of Alessandro Marelli’s work on

-His official site : (Here)

-His Behance profile : (Here).

& You can connect with him on

-Twitter @MarelliDesign.

-Facebook : (Here)

& Pinterest : (Here)


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