The Cup N’ Go by Théophile Collet, Paulin Giret & Tristan Riaud.

It shows that design can generate new ideas.”

Sometimes We create in order to just Create. The idea might not be Entirely new, a better product probably exists, method isn’t feasible but we do it anyway, We create, cause the we want to. Maybe it is for ourselves or for the world. To put an Idea out there.

An outcome of a Week long workshop. Théophile Collet, Paulin Giret & Tristan Riaud, students at the L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, present their idea of a portable, eco-friendly Cup.

Created using Tyvek paper & wood, the Cup is packaged in a cardboard box (but in parts) & has to be assembled for using. Packaging is quite interesting in this one.

Théophile Collet tells us all we need to know about the project & the design.

“Cup N’ Go project was created in only 1 week. During this workshop we had to Define a Smart Idea with a special material like the Tyvek Paper. We decided to use the amazing waterproof property of the Tyvek paper as an added value.

In this project the Paper is really important through the notions of Folding. We tested many shapes and types of folding. After two days, the final shape (to make the product completely waterproof and resistant) came to our mind and that too at night. As a designer, it is something that can happen, which is very exciting !


“We decided to develop the cup by thinking of Origami. The wood body is cut by a laser machine which brings Precision. Through this project I think we bring the sense of astonishment and we prove that Everything is Possible when we think in Design team.”


“Today we are in a society which promotes values like Ecological, Durable.. & that’s why it’s better to produce reusable products (eg: recyclable plastics)

“I think people like this project because the process of design is pretty amazing. To be honest I don’t think that we can sell it because the user needs to change the paper cup when it’s too worn & because there is already a good product in the market, I meant for hiking and picnic..”

Steps to putting together the CUP N’ GO.

“We are proud of Cup N’ Go as a team project and this project proved to be a really great experience as we were in the second year of our studies. We begin our Fourth year of the total Five years of our Master’s degree from February.”

We sincerely thank Théophile for taking time out to talk about the project & helping us understand the CUP N’ GO better.

– designdaily..

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