The Curvi BIC.

The Curvi BIC from Mathieu Labbé.

A minimalist object to draw curves and circles.


Mathieu Labbé has created a tidy tool as a solution for the times when we need those ‘perfect’ curves and circles, which might seem a bit of a task for our hands.

Even though we as design students and designers should rely on our hands to create curves and circles, those ones are the most beautiful ! we might add, but it won’t be an issue worth a second thought carrying around a neat and nifty tool like the Curvi – for the times when we need those perfect curves.


How it works ?

This is the beauty part here ! Curvi is essentially is very simplistic and minimal compass – without a needle, your Bic pen cap acts as the needle and it all works the same. As evident, Mathieu even took away the screw but we are quite unsure about it as to what will keep it from sliding when the force is applied while drawing the circles, guessing we’d have to be quite gentle with it then.

You can create your own using a 3D Printer.


Just when you think you can not simply a tool enough, somebody comes up with something.


The reason why we featured the Curvi is because it shows that there is a possibility that a product can always be made better, maybe not whole of it, but maybe just the form or the function of it – and this possibility is worth it ! Always remember this.

Design‘ is all about find that viable and feasible combination of Form & Function, and even form sometimes is a part of the Function of that product, the Curvi BIC is an example of it as it’s Form is the reason behind it’s function.


You can see more from Mathieu by visiting his Bēhance page by simply clicking here.

Also, you can find Mathieu on Instagram @labbe.mathieu

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