The Jellyfish.





The Jellyfish.



Designer Koo JaRim changes the way we interact with our pens, ball-points to be more precise, with his creation called the Jellyfish.

The form of Jellyfish is inspired from the flexible, transparent and calm jellyfish. The wavy and flexible ink tube which can be seen through the semi-transparent body delivers the visual image of a Jellyfish and makes users have a calm and beautiful feelings at the same time.


Jellyfish is a ball-point pen composed of a body and an ink tube only. The Concept of Jellyfish is based on a simple mechanism from the Flexibility of PE(polyethylene), the material of the ink tube. The tube has a wave shaped part, it sticks out of the grip area. It is carrying out all the functions of a press-button, a spring and a thrust tube at the same time..

..Specifically speaking, when a user holds this pen, the wave shaped part extends further, pushing the ball point out of the body, and when the user releases the pen, it contracts, further naturally withdrawing the ball point back into the position it was, it’s initial position.



The material used for the existing ball-point pen ink tubes is PP (polypropylene), which is not really flexible. However, PE (polyethylene) is used for the ink tube of Jellyfish, and its excellent flexibility makes it possible to define how to use a ball-point pen in a new way.




For a long time, people have used ball-point pens as an analogue-type tool for writing. Ball-point pens can be largely divided into three types, Nock-type, Cap-type and Sliding-type, by the operation system. When you examine how they are operated, all the types of ball-point pens always need at least two operating mechanisms, one to reveal the ball-point and the other to conceal it. People seem to conveniently use all the types of ball-point pens and take it for granted, but such an operation process actually causes a conscious annoyance. Besides, without a finishing mechanism, such as unlocking the nock or covering the cap, you may face a loss of ink or collateral damages caused by the leakage of ink..

..To solve such possible problems based on Insight above, I examined the structure of all kinds of ball-point pens in detail. As a result, I found out that even one of the simplest-structure ball-point pens is composed of several components. Therefore, by focusing on minimizing the structural complexity and looking for solutions to the possible problems, I started designing this product.



The optimal feeling of grip is such an important issue for usability. To select the optimal wave degree of the ink tube part that sticks out of the grip area, I applied various curvatures, and after producing all kinds of prototypes through a 3D printer, I experienced all kinds of grip feelings, personally. Out of all the prototypes, I chose a gentle curvature that has the least stimulus on the index finger, and considering the aesthetic aspect of the external appearance, I designed this product to have a harmonious feeling by arranging the curvature of the ink tube and that of the grip part symmetrically.

– Koo.



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