The Kit Lamp.

The Kit Lamp by Rowan Jackman Design.

Narrated by Rowan himself.


Combining wood and 3D-printed components, Kit lamp is a convenient, flat pack design that merges high tech 3D printing with the traditional aspects of woodworking techniques. The result is a clever LED floor lamp that requires no adhesives or additional hardware.

Kit-lamp features 3D-printed stainless steel components that join the white ash wood pieces together. The lamp is outfitted with a ‘dimmable’ LED light that lets you control the amount of light it emits.

The fixture even in its wire-frame structure attracts attention. You can see the cloth covered power cord running through it from one rod to another, just adding transparency and magic to the design of the lamp. Minimalism is good, but with a touch of flair in the correct place, a design like Kit-lamp can become even more aesthetic, and truly memorable !





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