The MERLOT by Marta Del Valle Hernández. (+Interview)

Minimal . Lightweight . Beautiful.

“Design must seduce, shape and more importantly evoke an emotional response.”                                                      -April Greiman.

Spanish Interior & Product designer Marta Del Valle has created a set of Chairs resembling a Glass of Wine.

Described by her as “Sexy” the ‘Wine Glass’ inspired Chair & Stool Duo consists of a shell (the transparent & red part) made from Polycarbonate which is supported by a Stainless steel frame.


“the Design itself is quite simple, just a cup of wine sectioned in two different ways creating a Chair and a Stool” she said.

the MERLOT concept sketch.

We talk to Marta Del Valle about her Beautiful & Timeless creation.

Hi Marta, can you please Tell us about the Design.

” ‘Merlot’ stool and chair were just a product of me wanting to have fun designing. At that time I was working on the interior design for a winery’s hotel. I spent so much time studying that world, that the idea just suddenly popped into my head… so beautiful colour schemes and lights in a simple cup of wine, it felt irresistible to work with. No mystery behind… just a cup of wine sectioned, I just wanted to keep it simple.”

Different views of the MERLOT.

What was it that Inspired you ? what was the Thought behind this project ?

“As I’ve mentioned before, I love to observe and what always catches my attention are colours and their performance with light. Nowadays we count with gorgeous materials such as polycarbonate which make these effects possible. But it was not only that tasty cup of wine what inspired me, but that POP movement where artists and product designers started to go pretty wild. Crazy colours and shapes, I love it so funky.”

the MERLOT inspired by a Wine Glass.


If you could describe the ‘Design of the MERLOT’ in one word how would you describe it ?


Moodboard for the MERLOT.

and if you could describe the MERLOT in a Sentence, how would you describe it ?

“Take a seat, take a sip.”

What do you think would be that One thing about the MERLOT that will appeal to people the most ?

“These are certainly not the chairs for studying or having a long meal, but I do think sometimes we like to interact in a more amusing way with our furniture. I guess they’re the ‘high heels’ concept…”

the MERLOT stool.

“Every design reflects the Values and Character of its Designer in itself”  How does this apply to You and MERLOT ?

“I must confess I feel myself sometimes tied as a designer. In our work, we obviously have to reflect the costumer’s desires, it’s not only a question of good taste but mostly of psychology and ‘feeling’ between you and your client. I think it’s important that creatives do an exercise of free design from time to time to explore fields that are practically impossible to visit as a professional, and get to know yourself better. This is why Merlot reveals that part of mine which I mostly love but I forget about most of the time:  Have fun, do what you want, look pretty… life is sexy!”

the MERLOT rendering.

Would you say that MERLOT is your favourite out of all the projects you have done ?

“I hope not… It’s been 5 years since I pictured them, I only want to get better every time.”

the MERLOT ideation sketches.
the MERLOT rendering (color schemes).

Now, If I am correct, the whole Design process has been done & the Design (MERLOT) is Production ready but it is still not available in the market or hasn’t been through the production phase yet ?

“That’s right… they are registered as an industrial design but I’m still looking for my blue prince to produce them. So here goes a message for you boys out there… this cuties are single 😉 ”



About Marta Del Valle Hernandez.



Marta del Valle is an interior & product designer with a unusual profile. She was previously devoted to the world of animated movies, so sensitivity for both art and color are always reflected in her work. She likes to create spaces that are fun to live, and if possible, fresh and timeless (like good music).

She spent her childhood in the coast of Granada (Andalusia), and since little got immersed in her father’s architecture (Jesús del Valle) and the colourful surroundings. Nothing can make her happier than taking action in a creative process, no matter what it is… from hand painted sheets for a newborn, to an interior design for a dentist. Therefore she has always tried to participate in all kinds of projects.

At the moment she works and continues to grow as a professional with her father, but her dream is to work with a company of young creatives in the big city.

You can find more of her work @ http://www.glowinteriores.blogspot.in/

You can find her on Twitter @MVH_interiores .Here.


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12 thoughts on “The MERLOT by Marta Del Valle Hernández. (+Interview)”

  1. Chaises magnifiques… Je souhaiterais juste avoir une idée du prix !
    D’avance merci !

    • BALLÉRY hello, Merlot est juste un concept dès maintenant et non pas dans la phase de fabrication. Je vous remercie.

    • hello, Merlot est juste un concept dès maintenant et non pas dans la phase de fabrication. Je vous remercie.

  2. Fantastic, love the chairs. When will they be available in England? I would so love to have them.😃

    • Hello Lata, Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Unfortunately, the chairs are still a concept as Marta is still looking for a suitable manufacturer. If you wish we can surely notify you – we will only need an email address. Thank you very much. Sincerely – designdaily..

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