The Mygdal Lamp.



it brings light into windowless places..



the Mygdal Lamp.

German design studio Nui, formerly known as Studio We Love Eames has created a “plant lamp” that facilitates the growth of plants even in windowless places.

Founders Emilia Lucht and Arne Sebrantke have successfully developed a lamp with a completely self-sustaining ecosystem without the need of Sunlight or Water.


Nature contributes significantly to our well-being. Therefore plants are playing a more and more important role in our urban environment. The conditions for growing have always been intensive care and the plenty of natural light. Not everyone has the necessary “green thumb” or enough daylight around. The plant light Mygdal provides a smart way of having living plants even in windowless interiors.

Freely translated the name Mygdal means fertile soil and is a tribute to the involved glassmaker Peter Kuchinke from the village Mygdal in northern Denmark.

The Lamp doesn’t require any human care like ventilation or watering. The plantlight makes use of the physical similarity between Led and sunlight. Thus, facilitating the process of Photosynthesis.

The Mygdal plant lamps are created as pendant lamps as well as standing lamps (in two different sizes). The standing lamp has an electrically conductive glass coating rendering an invisible connection between the power source and the LED. This technical innovation opens up new opportunities in luminaire design.


“Our approach is more of an analysis of the current state. We question why things are as they have been before and what has changed. If the shape is a result of certain foregoing conditions, their importance in the process must be questioned..

..New requirements create new forms, if one is open to the process and the symbolic value. Habits and rituals are an important part of this analysis to fit the new ideas into this world. Mygdal is a result of analyzing the light sources surrounding our everyday life. There is no need for watering, because it couldn’t get out. It basically works like our atmosphere..

..When the LED is turned on the plant is able to produce oxygen by photosynthesis & when it is switched off, the plants lives by using the oxygen. The Mygdal plant lamp is hermetically sealed so the water stays inside the lamp and all growing aspects are cyclic. No need for extra watering. The aluminium parts are removable. If you like to display another plant after a while or if they are ready to harvest you can plant something else. The technic the aluminum parts are made off is called metal spinning..

– Arne Sebrantke

The aesthetic combination of light and plants inside a mouth-blown and hand-finished glass lamp creates a soothing atmosphere.


Emilia and Arne are currently at planning to produce the first edition of the mygdal plant lamps – We are glad that so many people like our Mygdal lamp and we will work hard to get in touch with potential producers to bring a limited Mygdal lamp collection to life.








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