The PaperChair.

The PaperChair by Timian Cecilie Westerberg.

Narrated by Timian herself.

My design project was based on the circumstances many young people find themselves today in – the desire to surround yourself with nice furniture, but with no or little means to invest in it. Not wanting to let a low student budget hinder my design, my first task then became to research on low cost materials. Working with cardboard turned out to be an interesting option that could be combined with another material and get the feature I wanted for my product i.e. working with recycled materials to creating a sustainable product.


To recycle the cardboard in the best way possible I began researching what cardboard consists of.

I learned that different kinds of paper use many different additives and binders to hold wood fibers together. This caught my interest, because I thought that if I could switch out the the binders with something stronger I would then get a tougher and much durable material.


After some tests I came to the conclusion that I could use wood glue as the binder for my mixture, because wood glue is very strong and it’s specifically made to bind wood fibers together. It was the optimal solution. The outcome of this mixture was so solid that i went on to try and create my stool from it. And it worked very well (as seen in the pictures).

So simply by combining recycled cardboard, glue and water I created a chair that is very lightweight but still very tough and durable, almost as tough as wooden furniture.

For me the most important part of the project was developing a Cheap, Durable and Recycled material. The chair is just one example of what the material can be used for. I hope it will inspire others to use sustainable materials when they design their products.


As a part of the process and to test this combination of Recycled Cardboard + Wood Glue, Timian created a set of Lamps before moving on to the stool. Here are the images.

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