The Plug Table by Simone Affabris Design Studio.

Narrated by Simone himself.

This project is an ongoing research on finding ways to make the relationship between products and their user convenient and playful.


What I tried to achieve during this project was to make those aspects easier and possible that are usually misunderstood by many people. It is a matter of fact that when we purchase a piece of furniture, we are necessarily forced to solve other issues related to this product; transportation and assembling being two of such issues. These “problematic” aspects led to PLUG.


My goal was to find an interesting and smart solution to assemble and disassemble all the pieces that compose a table – Keeping in mind matters of Sustainability, Flat packaging and the Recycle process. I specifically worked out a way to use wood joints that will not require screws and nails to connect the legs with the table.


I began sketching and making 3D models, but because my purpose was to create new kinds of joints I had to work in the workshop where I could test the prototypes for their viability. Sometimes they were, sometimes they were not and a few others weren’t strong enough to be used as a table or as a chair.

It gives You the freedom to create and have things your way.

The PENT Table by Dsignio (click to visit)

The Finalised design includes a circular metal shape where you can place the two wood discs i.e the top and base of the table on each other. Between these two wooden discs there is a space of 2 centimetres designed to store the three legs. In fact, this table can be used in two different ways i.e as a normal table with a height of 50 centimetres and as a low coffee table with a height of 35 centimetres.

All parts can be stored in this 4 cm thick Flat packaging.



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